Last blog was in January. It may seem that the project has come to a halt but it has not. My new Velomobile has arrived and I installed a version in that one.  A few new minor features were implemented. The most noticeably is that the VeloPuter now can display which gear you are using, alarm lights and the first basic version of a configuration interface.  Note that this is not possible for all gearing systems, but it is with the system in the QuatroVelo.

An other mile stone is that the install base is now 4 with two boards sold for home-builders. I am very curious about they will do with it.

These four velomobiles have a VeloPuter installed. The back and red QuatroVelo is mine!

Since we are running out of boards (I only had 10 made) I most likely will implement a few improvements to the PCB before ordering new PCB’s. Planned upgrades are:

  • USB 5V out for charging phones and such
  • More options for driving illumination and other appliances for home builders.
  • More convenient placement of the Arduino on the PCB.

Any questions? Feature requests? ideas? Please contact me!


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